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Traveling through Zakopane

Hello there, thanks for visiting our blog. Although this blog is mainly written as “our diary” to read back all the thinks we did over time, we hope that you also will like reading our adventures. I will not be that active in blogging because there are more valuable things in live, however please feel free to get in touch. For instance when preparing a trip or need some information about places you like to visit. On “Likes”, general comments or any in that category I’ll not reply though. Dutch people are especially invited, as there are too few young Dutch people coming or living in Poland. Pity. Poland is a beautiful country with lots to see. We started creating this blog when our son Robert started to hike the mountains. This was such great fun that I thought not to loose these special moments and capture them into this blog. Over time we tried to collect information that we thought would be helpful preparing your trip. Now something about us. We are Karolina and Jerome having 2 beautiful, but crazy kids Robert and Victoria. The 2 of us started out in The Netherlands for the first 3 years (I’m Dutch) and then moved to Poland (my wife is Polish). Missing the sea quite a lot I fell in love with the Polish mountains instead. After time my son did the same and we started to explore more and more of the Polish mountains. Let’s see what Victoria feels like :-). Then you can find all of us quite often in Zakopane. Apart from hiking I also love sailing, and only wait till Robert is old enough to share this passion too. My wife rather stands on 2 ski’s gliding down a nice slope with a great view. Perhaps this blog will be extended with these topics. Have a great time and “thank you from the mountain….” (Polish “z góry dziękuję”)

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